My seven year old son has started wetting the bed a lot lately.  He was never a bed wetter until about the age of 5 or so.  I don’t know why it happened but suddenly, he started wetting the bed about once a week or so.  These past few months, he’s been wetting the bed five or six times a week!  That makes for a lot of extra laundry. 

Hubby says not to get upset with him over it.  He assures me that it’s just a phase and it will pass.  He says I will only make it worse for the boy if I fuss at him.  Hubby was a bed-wetter and he says his mother fussed at him sometimes about it and it really didn’t help matters.  I’ve read that somehow bedwetting can be hereditary.  If one or both parents wet the bed, chances are the child will too.  Perhaps my mother-in-law was right, having a new baby would cause the boy to have “middle child syndrome” and now he’s started to wet the bed.  I don’t know.

I’ve spoken to his pediatrician about it.  I asked him why on earth this would start happening now.  He said that bed wetting in boys is more prevalent because boys often do not develop the hormone that concentrates urine during the night (antidiuretic hormone or ADH) until later than girls.  I don’t know about you, but I didn’t realize there was a hormone that concentrates the urine while we’re asleep!  I did some research and here’s what I found….

“Recent medical research has found that many children who wet the bed may have a deficiency of an important hormone known as antidiuretic hormone (ADH). ADH helps to concentrate urine during sleep hours, meaning that the urine contains less water and therefore takes up less space. This decreased volume of water usually prevents the child’s bladder from overfilling during the night, unless the child drank a lot just before going to bed. Testing of many bed-wetting children has shown that these children do not have the usual increase in ADH during sleep. Children who wet the bed, therefore, often produce more urine during the hours of sleep than their bladders can hold. If they do not wake up, the bladder releases the excess urine and the child wets the bed.”

Now, the pediatrician says it should pass soon.  He could give him a synthetic hormone until his body produces the antidiuretic hormone but he’d rather not.  We’d rather not either.  There are, however, some steps we can take to help him to stay dry at night.  Here’s what we’ve been doing:

  • Limit the amount of drinks he has after dinner (usually 6:00 p.m.).
  • Caffeine and carbonated drinks are generally not allowed in the evenings since these can irritate the bladder increase the chances of a wet bed.  We don’t allow our kids to have caffeine anyway but we’ve noticed that even when he drinks a Sprite in the evening, he almost always wets the bed.
  • Make sure he urinates before going to bed.
  • Wake him up before we go to bed so he can urinate again (just for safe measure).

I try to be understanding, really I do.  But I just get so tired of having to wash “pee sheets” every day.  I keep a plastic mattress cover on his bed so at least his mattress is staying dry.  I try to not let my son see my aggravation because I can see that he’s just as aggravated with himself.  And that makes me feel sad for him.  He tries so hard.  He really does not want to wet the bed. 

I found a product called Under Jams by Pampers.  They are kinda like Pull Ups/Good Nites but they aren’t as bulky and they have a lower cut waist so they don’t show out the tops of their jammies.  They are only available at two stores in my area and they are around $18.99 for a package of 27.  I’m not sure my guy would even be willing to wear them so I signed up online for a free sample.  If he wears the sample and likes them, I’d be more than willing to pay $20 a month for dry sheets.   I’ll let you know how they are when we get the sample to try.  

Do you have any suggestions to help my fella stay dry at night?  I need all the help I can get.

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Back to School Time & We’re Prepared!

Today is the first day of a new school year for my boys.  It’s so hard to believe that they are already in the 2nd and 4th grades!  Heck, it’s hard for me to believe that either of them is already old enough for school.  Where does time go?  

They were so excited last night they could hardly get to sleep.  They picked out what they were going to wear (right down to their underwear) and laid everything out so it would be ready to go this morning.  Their backpacks were packed up with new notebooks, paper, pencils, and all the other things on their lengthy school supply lists and placed by the door.  

This morning ran so smoothly!  They hopped right out of bed and came to breakfast.  Since their clothes were all ready for them and showers were taken last night, they were able to get dressed without having to search for anything.  They brushed their teeth and combed their hair and were ready for the bus a full ten minutes early!  I even had time to pack hubby’s lunch!

I know this morning was different because it was the first day of school but I want to be this prepared every morning.  This year, I am going to make the boys lay out their clothes at night so we don’t have to disagree about shirts or search for someone’s left shoe again.  Yes, this year we are going to get prepared the night before.  I think the whole family could benefit from a little preparation!

So, tell me, what do you do to be prepared for your morning?  Do you do something special for the first day of school?

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Ice Cream in a Bag

Who doesn’t love homemade ice cream?  

Unfortunately, we don’t have an ice cream freezer.  That’s why I was so excited when I found this recipe a few years ago.  My kids love it!  It’s great for a hot summer day.

You’ll need:

1 gallon size Ziplock bag

1 pint size Ziplock bag

1/2 c. milk

1 T. sugar

1/4 t. vanilla

6 T. salt


Fill gallon size Ziplock bag half full of ice.  Add salt and seal the bag and set aside while you prepare the ice cream.  

In the pint size Ziplock bag, pour milk, sugar, and vanilla.  Seal the bag and place it in the larger bag of ice. Seal the large bag and hand it to your kid.  Have him/her shake the bag around for about 5 minutes to freeze the ice cream.  I always end up giving my boys a hand towel to hold onto the bag with because their hands get so cold!

When the 5 minutes is up, wipe off the smaller bag so no salt gets in the ice cream, open it up, and give ’em a spoon!  They can eat it right from the bag.  My kids love knowing that they made ice cream all by themselves in only 5 minutes time.

**This only makes one serving so I make up a bag for each of my kids.   

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