My Summer Vacation Recap….

Wow!  Summer vacation has gone by so quickly!  It’s so hard to believe that the kids are already back in school and the weather is starting to cool down.  I can’t lie, I love fall!  I love everything about it, the smells, the air, the colors, the feeling that fall gives me!  No matter how much I love fall, though, I am still sad to see summer go.  That’s why I was happy to see that We Are That Family is hosting a Sizzlin’ Summer Vacation carnival!  I get one last chance to relive our summer vacation memories….

Every year we head down to the beach for a week of fun and sun with Hubby’s family.  It really is a wonderful time spent with family.  Since he and his parents and sisters are all spread out and we don’t get to visit each other more than a few times a year, and almost never all together at the same time, it is the one time each year that we can all be together until we want to knock each other’s heads off.  Only kidding.  I love my in-laws (honestly and truly).  

This year, was Bean’s first trip to the beach.  I had a cute little tent for her to play in so she could be out of the sun.  I had a little kiddie pool for her to sit in since I didn’t exactly want to stick her in the ocean at 7 months old.  I bought a couple of teensy weensy adorable bathing suits for her.  She had sun bonnets and sunglasses.  Oh, I had such visions of the cuteness she would be while enjoying her time on the beach.  Guess what?  She hated it!  She hated the sand.  She hated the water.  She hated it all!  Surely this cannot really be my child.



No, she was much more content to stay inside and eat her toes.


Now, Big Al and Smarty love the beach!  They live for the yearly beach trip.  They always have a great time burying each other in the sand, playing in the water, and fishing.  Definitely my kids, those two are.


Hubby would rather go to the mountains, I think.  When we do go to the beach, he just likes to hang out on the beach and fish or play with the kids.  However, this year’s vacation wasn’t much fun at all for poor Hubby.  He was so sick!  He ended up in the ER having chest x-rays to rule out pneumonia.  He ended up on prescription cough medicine and an inhaler.  Needless to say, he spent much of his time in the bed.  He did manage to get in a little bit of fishing time.

The rest of our summer was spent at the park or just doing things around the house.  We did manage to get in a quick trip to the mountains for a little camping, albeit in the rain.  

What did your family do for summer vacation this year?  Jump on over to We Are That Family and link up and share your summer vacation experience!  

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  1. I looooovvvvvveeeee The beach! Sorry your honey was sick! We love the mountains to!

  2. What a great vacation! And bless her heart, she just did not like those sunglasses. Too cute!!

  3. Adorable photos! Even if she was a little unhappy, she looks very stylish!

  4. Beautiful pictures! Your little one is precious. Sorry she didn’t have a good time.

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