And So It Begins

With school starting back last week, the boys’ other activities are starting back up too.  In the summertime, I thoroughly enjoy having a mostly clear calendar.  Now that we’re back in the swing of things, my calendar is already filling up.  I’ve gone from having one or two things a month to attend to having one or two days a month that are free.  

Big Al starts football on Monday.  We have to go tonight and pick up his pads.  He couldn’t be more excited.  Let’s just say I am less excited than he is.  I’m not looking forward to dragging Smarty and Bean to football practices and games in the heat (and later, cold) to watch some big kid tackle and possibly injure my sweet little guy.  Yeah, Big Al would just curl up and die if he knew I just referred to him as a “sweet little guy”.  But I’m his mommy, so it will have to be okay.

Practice and games will be held three nights a week.  We attend church two nights a week.  That leaves two other nights a week that we have free.  But, hold on, we haven’t factored in the fact that Big Al and Smarty are in Cub Scouts so those meetings will take up a night a week.  That leaves us with one night a week free. And let’s not forget the homework and supper that have to be done before we head out the door to these activities.  Shoot me now.

I’m glad my children are involved in things and I encourage them but, gosh, it’s just chaotic sometimes.  There have been days I’ve prayed for rain just so we don’t have to go to the ball fields.  Of course, that was baseball and I know they don’t cancel football games for rain so I guess I’m out of luck there.  Oh well.  I will just suck it up and cheer my guys on because I know these moments are fleeting and one day I will wish I had them back.  Just probably not any day really soon…..

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