Putting forth the effort

This past weekend, my husband and the boys were planning a camping trip together.  My hubby said that if I wanted to go and take the baby, they would camp at a campground instead of just out in the mountains somewhere.  I really didn’t want to go but I could tell he really wanted to include me.  I mean, I love camping but I’m not sure I love camping with a 9 month-old, ya know?  But I really wanted to spend the time with my family all together so I decided to go.  

I spent much of Friday night packing up everything we would need so that we could just get up and toss it all in the truck and head out early on Saturday morning.  Wouldn’t you know, we woke up to rain on Saturday.  We were tempted to cancel the trip but waited for the rain to stop instead.  After all, the campground we were going to is 2 hours away so we didn’t know if it would be raining there too.  

We had a great time on the trip.  Granted, it was a short trip – only 1 night – but we had a blast!  We went on hikes (I wore the baby in her sling, whew!) and cooked supper in the dutch oven and roasted marshmallows.  The campground had a special “tree program” for the kids where they learned about different trees and made a craft.  

It rained, but only a bit.  Actually, it rained most of the night, but it was while we were sleeping – or not sleeping in my case because the baby didn’t enjoy sleeping next to me in a tent!  It only rained a little on Sunday morning after breakfast.

When we got home, we had a huge mess.  Everything was either muddy or smelled like campfire.  Naturally, I had a ton of laundry to do!  All the “camping dishes” had to be washed before they could be packed away.  There was so much stuff to unpack and dry out and clean up and put away.  After a sleepless night at the campground I wanted nothing more than to sit on my butt and do nothing.  

My husband is one of those “do it now”-types.  He sees something that needs to be done and he does it.  Not me.  I see something that needs to be done and I figure I’ll get to it later ’cause I’m tired.  He came right in and started unpacking the truck and making piles in the driveway for me to bring inside.  He set up the tent so it could dry out and spread out the sleeping bags so they could air out.

I decided that I should get to work too.  I started laundry and loaded up the dishwasher with the camp dishes.  I started putting away the groceries.  I cleaned up the kitchen and mopped the floor (we had tracked in a lot of mess) and vacuumed the den.  I folded the clothes and put the majority of them away.  I gave the baby a bath.  I got the coffee pot ready for this morning.  I worked steady for most of the evening.  Since I had everything from our trip clean, my husband could pack it all away!

When I got up this morning to a mostly clean house, I was glad I had put forth the effort.  Normally it would take me days to get things back in order after a camping trip.  And the best part is that since I put forth the effort last night, I’ve been able to concentrate on my cleaning lists today!

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