Let’s Talk Laundry

What does your laundry area look like these days?  If you’re like me, your dirty laundry tends to outweigh the clean laundry.  The hamper is overflowing.  Or maybe, like me, you have dirty laundry that gets piled up here and there – the corner in the bedroom, behind the bathroom door, all over the kids’ bedroom floor.  

When you finally get around to doing the laundry, does it take you all day?  Do you even get it caught up then?  Or do you wash and dry all day and end up with a heap of clean clothes that you didn’t fold?  I’ve found myself in that situation more than once.  The dirty laundry piles up for a week and then I spend all day washing and drying and then we live out of the basket for a few days before I get around to folding it all.  Everybody’s clothes are wrinkled and have to be ironed before they can be worn.  Want to know my dirty little secret?  I have actually put clothes back through the wash before simply because they are so wrinkled from sitting in the bottom of the laundry basket for a week!  I know, I know.  That’s pretty bad!  I have also had towels that smell awful because I didn’t take the time to put them in the dryer after they had been washed and they soured.  Oh, yuck!  Who wants to dry off with a smelly old towel?

Well, I say NO MORE!  I will not let my laundry get out of hand again.  How am I going to do this?  For the past week, I have done at least one load of laundry each day.  Now when I “do” a load of laundry, I not only wash and dry it but I fold it and usually put it away.  Okay, another confession?  The boys’ laundry sat (folded) in a basket for three or four days this past week before I put it away yesterday.  I am making it my new goal to only wash and dry the clothes I will also have (or take) the time to fold and put away.  

Do you have a laundry tip to share?

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